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We are the Nine Group USA

More than 28 years delivering the best in architectural solutions

We are recognized for offering custom-made and sustainable products, meeting each customer's demand with excellence. We are always aware of technological advances and current standards to increase the efficiency, reliability, and technical performance of our work.

Nine Group USA aims to be a leader in the architectural solutions segment, focusing on quality in all its products and services, being a reliable company for clients, collaborators, and investors.

The deadline for execution and installation of each project is defined in advance in the planning stage, where we consider the complexity and quantity of the products required to complete the project, ensuring fulfillment of the delivery stipulated in the contract.

We are committed on identifying the needs of our clients, offering high standard architectural solutions suitable for each situation, thus ensuring the continuous satisfaction of our stakeholders

Our products, besides meeting Anvisa's current norms, are non-toxic, anti-fungal, flame retardant, and highly resistant to chemical reagents, shocks, and other eventualities. We also guarantee the use of 100% recyclable PVC.

To bring comfort, privacy, and security to all our customers, either directly or indirectly, assisting in the recovery process and providing a cozy and safe environment through our products and services.

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Our specialists are ready to realize your project and understand your demands, ensuring that the whole negotiation process is fair and meets your needs. We work in constant contact with you and our staff so that the installation and delivery proceed as planned.

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